Artis-D and Silk Filament

Last night I put two silk filaments into my extruders. I had a simple two color reckless and I was going to use gold and silver. After doing a beautiful gobbler that had a lot of supports and I left the infill at 0. I wanted to do something with the gold and silver filament. The printer would not play nice. So, I went through leveling the bed just to cover that base, did the same with both E1 and E2. I was satisfied. The problem appeared that the filament would not feed. There again I increased the extruder count and the flow rate upward. This did not help. I did notice that every time I pushed the filament down into the nozzle it seemed to move freely at least 1- 2 inches on E1 and E2 was not as bad but did move. I did a swap of colors in the extruder and that made it worse. But, before I did that I increased flow and extruder count. I increased the temperature to 245 and the printer would not accept going back to 235. I manually moved the temp up and it would only go up to 244. Once the layer print finished it would revert back to 235. Temperature part is just for future reference, I did find (I think) my problem.

Today I took the extruder (E1) apart and found the gear had a grove in the teeth not letting it grab the filament. I first went to the JG Maker web page and ordered their 5 pack. I then proceeded to loosen the gear and move it slightly. I hope this will allow the filament to extrude into the hotend. Just to assume there is a simalar problem with E2 I will commence to do the same.

Now! Has any one else had the gear eaten out like this?

I did the shifting of both gears. E2 showed some ware but not as much. This did the trick, now it will extrude the silk filament. I did not do the thin piece of plastic at one end of the spring that was shone to do on the JG Maker Artist-D web page. I wanted to see if the worn gears were solution enough. It will be easy enough to do the plastic insert if needed when I replace the gears. My fingers are the problem.