JG Maker Artist-D woos

I just completed making 24 voloroia turkeys which a pair took 18 hours each set. One was brown and the other was dark yellow. Both spools were opened at the same time and it seems that extruder 1, the dark yellow used about 1/2 a spool. The brown on extruder 2 used 3/4 of a spool. When I saw that the brown was being used at a faster pace than the yellow (dark yellow) I tried swapping. The brown would not extrude through extruder 1, but worked through extruder 2. So, I stopped the print and swapped them back. The yellow way by Zylteck and the brown was by techbear. I took these to my nieces restaurant as Thanksgiving table decoration. She was worried about thief , but I told her, let them steal them if they are so cheep, they didn’t cost her anything, and I was glad to make them. She didn’t have any stolen as of tonight but one child broke one. She also called me yesterday saying a customer wanted to buy some. I told her to sell what she wanted and I could make more ( I hope!) to do.
Now to my woos. Using grass green by Ztkteck in both extruders, I am trying to make 5" high voloroia Christmas Trees. Extruder 1 will not flow enough to maintain a print past 1/2 inch high. I broke down the extruder and checked everything, reversed the gear so a new position would work the filament and changed the nozzle. It did not help a thing. I do not have another brand of green so I stopped the duplicate printing and worked only on extruder 1. Extruder 2 was heavy. I do know that there is only one memory location for both extruders G92 motor counts. I thought I had solved the problem by putting the G92 value in the machine printer setting in cura which is automatically called up when you slice a model. Just what to do when you do a mirror or duplicate print. I first guessed that extruder 2 would be called up after extruder 1. So, first I tried increasing the flow and the G92 count in Extruder 2. Make Extruder 2 a lot heavier but not extruder 1. I then tried increasing the values for Extruder 1. At one point I had the flow to 235 with no help. I am going to take the extruder 1 apart again and put a steal​ gear in which has more teeth and see how that goes.
I got on JG Makers web page and wanted to order another left extruder, but they were sold out. I guess every body has the same problem and idea I had. Anyone have any suggestions other than throwing this printer in the trash and getting a new one please give me your suggestions.

First, what are voloroia turkeys?

Second, I too have had extrusion issues with my Artist-D Pro. It basically won’t extrude PETg at all. My plan is to, at some point, replace the extruders, probably with something like LGX Lites.

If you figure how to replace with the ribbons let me know.
Since my post I broke down the extruder and replaced the brass gear with a steal gear. It appears that did the trick. With the stepping motor steps that was calibrated with ponterface, extruder is doing great. has good flow and the print looks great. The steal gears are for Creality. I think you and I discussed it in the past. This success brings up several other questions on my part. What are all the other variables, like did the gear when I reinserted, ( the brass) seat in the right place to grab the filament 100% and just not partially. I had a good feeling when I had to push the gear release button to insert the filament thread into the extruder. Earlier I did not. The brass gear had shone some wear and could have been back in the same slot. I can think of a dozen more variables, of which are mute at this point.
I am betting that it would use petg now. If I had some I would try, just to see.
Voloroi is a type of print that is done with some kind of mathematics calculation from what I understand. If you have seen crochet, it is a type of knitting. My grandmother used to do that style to make table cloths and bed covers. The thread was like kite string. Any way it is an open type of print. There are a lot on thingiverse. I like doing them.

Is it possible you mean Voronoi? It’s a mathematical technique that leads to models with a lot of holes in them.

[ATTACH=JSON]{“alt”:“Click image for larger version Name: image.png Views: 0 Size: 70.5 KB ID: 16389”,“data-align”:“none”,“data-attachmentid”:“16389”,“data-size”:“full”,“title”:“image.png”}[/ATTACH]

As far as the ribbon cables does, my idea was to leave the existing breakout board on the extruder and just make the connections the same way they’re made on the OEM toolhead.​


Yes you are right, I was just misspelling it. I completed the test and started the duplicate. I changed some of the settings for this. I am using .2 for layer height with .24 for initial. I also reduced the flow to the original for both extruders and they look equal. This helps me a lot with figuring out things. I think the steel gear with more teeth sees to do the trick. When I get through with Christmas, I will order a spool of petg and use higher temperatures and see how it does. I have noticed that I use higher temperatures any way. I think my temperature sensor is not correct.

With PETg I use the 2 tower stringing test model to determine the correct temperature. If I get stringing on the tower, I lower the temp by 5C and print another test. I rinse & repeat until the stringing goes away. This image shows the result of the process. I leave it to you to figure which is the before and which is the after


I’m going to take a wild guess here and say the right one


I think it is interesting though that temperature can make such difference, with PETg in particular.

[ATTACH=JSON]{“alt”:“Click image for larger version Name: Trees.jpg Views: 0 Size: 2.78 MB ID: 16398”,“data-align”:“none”,“data-attachmentid”:“16398”,“data-size”:“medium”}[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=JSON]{“alt”:“Click image for larger version Name: Turkey.jpg Views: 0 Size: 1.42 MB ID: 16399”,“data-align”:“none”,“data-attachmentid”:“16399”,“data-size”:“medium”}[/ATTACH]
Here are the Trees and Turkeys in Voloroi that I am making (Trees) and Turkeys are already made. I made 24 Turkeys and will make the same amount +2 of Trees.

Voronoi, but whatever…?

And, BTW, you are a good friend/family member.

This looks like a good, Possibly one of the simplest fixes I have seen for this problem. Thanks for your perseverance.
I have not yet opened the extruder on my Artist-D. Do you know of any instructions on doing this? What are the specs for the Creality steel gear you used?
I should give this a try.

Neither @Ender5r Ender5r or @Lowteck seems to be hanging around here any more, they are the only one here that have an Artist-D that I know of. I’d suggest searching Youtube for instructions on taking the extruder apart. Might be able to find out what Creality gear is used too.

Sorry I could be of more help

Well thank you anyway. Still looks like a good forum here though. JGMaker isn’t my only printer, so I may keep coming for the discussions.