Dr. Vax custom profile for Anet et4

I received my Anet ET4 yesterday. Printed PIG file off the memory card. Fair. Moving on - I could not print Butterfly using Cura’s printer profile. The first layer is all wrong. Won’t stick/too thin. I remembered from Dr. Vax review he built a custom profile. Found link and downloaded it but when I try to import profile into Cura (mac) I get an error message.


Brand new at this. Suggestions?

Sorry I did not see your post earlier. I would recommend upgrading to Cura 4.6.1 if you have not already. There is a profile for the ET4 provided with this version of Cura that I have used very successfully. Then, and this is important, replace the gcode start code in the Cura profile with the start code linked in this forum:


I have been printing to my ET4 for a number of weeks with this setup.