Cura on a Mac Book

I am new to forum so hope Im not asking a question already addressed.
I use a MacBook with Cura, up until recently Cura has functioned normally, I have noticed with he last two updates that the buttons on the left of the screen do not operate. After loading a model I have to select it from the object list not by left clicking the model, then if I select a command e.g. rotate, when I select the arrow on the circular rotate tool both the arrows and the model deselect and nothing happens. This is across all the buttons including the ‘add support’ plugin. I hope its something simple I have missed but am at a loss to identify the problem and would appreciate any assistance in getting full function of Cura. My mac is running Catalina 10.15.5 Many thanks. Bill

I’d try downloading Cura again. Just be sure to not delete or copy over your existing Cura application file. For example, copy the new Cura to your desktop, rename it something like “Cura2”, and launch that copy. That way your settings are not deleted. If that fixes your problem, delete the original Cura application file, and move the new one to where the original one was (usually the Applications folder).


I watched a video from DrVax last night where he commented that the Mac and the latest version of Cura had some problems. I would go back to the last version of Cura that was stable for you until Cura comes out with a new version. He was referring to Cura 4.11.0

I would go with @Lowteck. I had a problem with Cura 4.11.0 on Windows: it will not slice models that are 1 layer thick. I have reported it as a bug. I recommend you also report your issues.

I’m still using 4.10 on a Mac, but this problem is more likely a corrupt file.


Thank you for the suggestions. I ended up doing an uninstall, then a fresh D/L of Cura. A quick look and check and it looks to be operating correctly. I will be printing later today so hope to have good results. Again many thanks, I appreciate your help. Kind Regards, Bill.