CR10 Upgrades some questions and some issues with this project.

Ok as the title suggests I am undergoing a upgrade project to my CR10 below is all the upgrades I am trying to get completed .

SKR 1.4 turbo with the stepper drivers TMC2209 came as a bundle package
WIFI module
TFT3.5 v3 touch screen
DCDC mode module
BL Touch
Filament run out sensor

Ok so on with my issues there are some YouTube vids out there that are pretty good and plenty of them that are very poor in details but I still have yet to find one that will give detailed step by step for a CR10 and and full detailed vid of the wiring connections. which brings me to my questions.

Q.1) Where do I plug the end stop switch plugs onto the board? Ok so I see there is ports on the board for X, Y, and Z but those ports are 3 wired plug types I only have 2 wires for the plugs coming from the switches.

Q.2) WIFI module what can i actually use this for?

Q.3) I have what i believe to be a stand alone mosefit board that I also believe to be needed for the heater bed that came factory installed with my CR10 is this needed when using the SKR1.4 board which is supposed to have a nice mosefit built into the board? If it is possible to some how use both at same time in some sort of daisy chain config? would it be beneficial or harmful? sorry that was more than one question oopps :wink:

Any kind of assistance would be appreciated here.

Teaching Tech and Chris’s Basement have done very good vids on the SKR 1.4 board. TT usually includes links in the comments section to the relevant pinout diagrams which is what you need to have to hand before starting.
The DCDC module I take it is a buck connector? or is this the bed heater Mosfet?
Is the BL Touch the genuine article and what version?
Have had no experience with WIFI module as I use sneaker net or Octoprint.
The TFT35 has its own config file, but is pretty straight forward.
Oddly enough, the filament sensor (Amazon switch type) has given me the most trouble!

My advice would be get the Motherboard installed and running properly then add the BLTouch etc, uncommenting the various extra code lines in the Marlin config.h and config_adv.h and reflashing the firmware as you go. Before you start give the CR10 a thorough dusting and check over all the stepper connections to make sure everything is snug. You can bench test the new components simply by plugging them into the correct pins and powering up the board from the 5v supply in the USB connector. This is a good way to confirm that nothing was DOA.

I have watched both of their videos I guess I am missing some thing in them my main concern with the pin outs is the board has 3 wire port and my plugs from the end switches only have 2 wires

Yes buck connector from BTT from my understanding it assists with supplying power evenly throughout the board.

I guess it is genuine purchased from Antclabs as for version I think its 3.1

yeah gonna leave this one till last also got it from amazon but have not seen any vids nor did it come with any sort of instructions.

I’ve been looking at this motherboard for another printer. There is a ton of technical information on BigTree’s GitHub. Although this website is for the ANET A8, the author has a discussion of wiring, including endstops, that might help.


I am so confused about this it looks like the endstops wiring from my stock end switches should have been 3 wires the same as the driver wires but they are not so do I need to cut the plug off or something?

Ah ok I see now I have missed this section of the teaching tech vids several times now the plugs need to be modified and they go down in the ports to the bottom 2 pins of the port if you’re looking at it with the step drivers at the top

OK update on the project I know understand the 2 to 3 wiring for endstops and they are plugged in now on to the Mosefit
Below is what I am talking about I have 2 questions about this if some one could chime in to help me
Q.1) 3 main wires in the green block I was jumping the gun when I pulled this all apart and I am not entirely sure I have these wires correct and definitely don’t know where they go I am assuming to the heat bed in put of the SKR board…

Q.2) The controller plug with 2 wire they go to the SKR board also but not sure where…

Buzz1971 Flip the board over. Quite often you will see polarity information printed there too. Is it a trick of the light or is there heat/smoke damage to top right edge of the transistor? Nice clear photo BTW!


Isn’t that information on at the GitHub site I linked to earlier?

Edit: Might be time to pull out the multimeter to be safe.

No heat damage dont need polarity it is printed on the top under the wires some what but do need to know where they goto on the SKR board.
I will look again on the github site to make sure but pretty sure they are not mentioning it as their board actually has this built into the SKR board

I can’t help with most of the wiring stuff as I don’t have any of those components. However, I completely agree with @Mr_Doohickey: do only 1 thing at a time. From long experience I can tell you, DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT add multiple items at one time. It only leads to major confusion when things don’t work as expected. Get the controller board installed by itself & test it, if possible without the MOSFET/DCDC unit. Then do the MOSFET/DCDC unit & test again. Then add the BL Touch and test. Finally, add the sensor and test.

Ok will be giving it a go with out the Mosfet but will most Likely do the main board and control screen together to be able to control it?

That most likely will work OK. The screen connection to the controller board is pretty foolproof.