Creality Bl touch

Good Morning everyone
I have a Creality CR10V3 which was doing great. At some point i realize that my bed perhaps had tiny imperfection. I bought the Creality Bl touch kit for Cr10 V2 and V3. Follow the step by steps, flashed and installed the new firmware from the Creality page. I have now on my machine menu options for the BL touch.
I have since then manually leveled the bed and ran several time the procedure to adjust the z height and z offset Saved it and initialized EEPROM. No matter what value I put in the z offset, the z offset always goes back to 0. Now after days of trying and not getting anywhere i am at the end of my wit.The nozzle refuse to adjust down a certain point. It is too high from the bed and of course no first layer adhesion is possible. Could someone help with this?
Thank you so much in advance

I had a nightmare time installing my BL on my Ender 5 Pro also. And it was my first time setting up a 3D printer. Ran into quite a few issues including the fact that the Ender 5 Pro comes with the new 4.2.2 board. The BL comes with a lead for the older board. I had to modify the wiring to get it to fit in the correct layout on the 4.2.2 board.
Then I just downloaded the BL profile firmware from the Creality website which now gave me the options in the menu.
So all should be working now. Nope!
I had a few more problems, including the problem you have.
Got my Z Offset set and working perfect but when I switched off and on again it was wiped.
I’m not sure what I did to fix it, BUT it seemed to resolve itself when I kept the memory card in the printer. Maybe the Z Offset is not being stored in the eeprom of printer but rather on the memory card? Anyway the Z Offset is now there each time and printing is going good so far.
So have you set it with a memory card in the printer and keep the card in the printer?

Hello Alan
Thank you for your answer. No I did not leave a memory card in the printer. Does it commit to the SD card by itself? also any SD card works?

Hello again
I just tried it again but this time with an SD card inserted and it did not help.?

Creality for what ever reason stores the EPROM settings on the SD card.

Thank Gramps. At the beginning of a print if I babysteps Z at -0.299 then I get a perfect print. I do not think that babysteps can be memorized by the machine however.

Does not an M500, or chosing Store Settings from the LCD menu system, write the Z Offset value to EEPROM?

it doesn´t seem to work in this case no. try both way. The Z offset value always goes back to zero

That’s pretty odd.

Update: in the end the cable delivered with the BL touch was wired reversed. Sent it back waiting for a replacement.