Color change firmware AnEt et4 pro marlin

Hello everyone.

I’m new here. And hope my post is ok.

In march I got a AnEt et4 plus. I like 3d printing.

But I have a problem.

I try to do a print where I have to change my color 3 times.
The stock firmware of the et4 doesn’t react good to th pause commands. Anet v 1.0.0

I tryed 3 marlin builds. But leveling my bed wil not work consistent.

Marlinbuild David. From the video of Dr vax Marlinbuild from AnEt
Marlin build from marlin white et4 config files.

Does someone know a salution?

Sure about this? If auto bed leveling is configured, the result should be the same. Marlin itself cannot create random results. It works or it does not work.

If not, you have a hardware problem (e.g. a sensor is loose or defective) or you use different gcode files with ABL enable and disabled.

Thank you for your reaction. I compiled a new marlin build. It works now.

I set my m518 offset for yxz
I Don’t now if my z was correct

Nozzle touch the buildplate. I backed up. Display Tells I was on 0.22. I set the value for z -0.22. With a piece of paper between the bed and the nozzle.

Was this right?

I auto leveled the bed but my first layer was not pressed it was loosely. Nozzle was to high and I don’t now how to fix it. I thought I have seen a command that let jou set the nozzle on the right height. And than the command stores it for the offset for auto bed leveling.

M518 is not in the official marlin gcode list

I used e.g. “M851 Z-1.2” followed by an M500 to store settings. Here is the documentation XYZ Probe Offset | Marlin Firmware

However I used the stuff above before converting all my printers to have an adjustable Z-endstop, which made any Marlin setup obsolete.

Thanks again for your reaction.
I tryed from Saturday till now. But I couldn’t get marlin to level good.

I flasht AnEt stock firmware back. And it is ok.

The only problem is that the stock firmware does a 1 second pauze on a m0 pauze command.

I want to manuely resume.

My work around was to use octoprint but the connection wasn’t relayeble. So my prints failed due connection errors.

I hope that new firmware and the new octoprint version wil help.

.one last question. I tryed Al the pauze commands in cura. M0 M25 m226
Is there a salution you can think of to het de AnEt stock firmware to pause until I manuely resume is?