Marlin coding

Hello Everyone

I just got a second 3D Printer the Anet ET4X. I wish I had known more about it when I ordered it but I wasn’t really shopping for new printer but for $89.99 on a late night blitz sale I wasn’t passing it up.

So I did some more shopping BLtouch, Capricorn Bowden tube, ST Link V2, 4 spools of PLA and some other accessories.

Well after hours of watching Dr. Vax Videos I feel very confident that this was a good investment. the printer got here and after 2 hours I had my first calibration cube on stock firmware that was measuring 20.87mm X 20.88mm Y and 21.7mm Z but I didn’t see the Resolution was set to .35 mm. I then printed the dog that was included on the SD card and other then needing a jack hammer to get the print off the buildtak type matt that was included with the printer.

so now that I know the printer works time to flash marlin 2.0. as of now I have OpenBL and marlin 2.0 on my ET4X and the Calibration cube printing at 20.06mm X 20.04mm Y 19.99mm Z @ .2mm Resolution. and after 2 days of use the wife has told me its the printer or her. LOL one has to go or the printer needs to be silent.

So I have ordered a a new mainboard for the printer from a ET4/ET5 Pro this board should have the TMC2208 silent drivers vs the A4899 drivers on the current Main Board.

so what I am not sure of is what changes I need to make in the to the Next firmware build to work correctly.

I have the PID’s for the bed and hot end recorded from the last time but I will be running the calibration again as I know the new board will not read the same

so the goal he is to build ET4X firmware and set it to use the

TCM2208 Driver settings
Set it to push the build deck to the front after the print is done.

I believe this can be done in the Easyconfig.h file but the labels are more for experienced users.

if anyone can help I would very thankful