Anet ET5 LCD problems after firsttime Marlin firmware

I started flashing my ANET ET5 with marlin firmware today and i’m running in to problems.
I installed the openbtl bootloader and i downloaded the marlin-bugfix-2.0.x folder from github.
Changed in the easyconfig.h the model to ET5 and uncommended the board_build.offset = 0x10000 line in the stm32f4.ini file.
I compiled the firmware, put it on a sd card, and put the sd card in my printer.
When i switched it on it started installing and when it said it was done, the marlin logo boot logo appeared and but only in 2/3 of the screen and mirrored.

Does somebody know what i’m messing up in the whole process?

Thank you.

You probably just need to change the display define to match your setup.

The first step is usually check the name of your display written on the PCB of the display. Usually there is a matching define in configuration.h or marlin.

Just search the file for LCD and you should find the lines. There should be one line enabled and if you read the texts around there they should give a hint on which additional line you need to activate or which line you need to activate instead.

Since your display is partly working it probably just needs a little tweaking by selecting a different screen model. It is also worth looking into the specific header files of your display. Sometimes there are additional optional defines to rotate, mirror or set the resolution as well as timings if the display gets garbled.

If you use the following Marlin build that has been customized for the ANET ET4/5 it has the display type set properly.

I highlight how to use this in my YouTube video at:

[video=youtube_share;qPDBNBgdW6o]Marlin 2.0 Build and Install | ANET ET4/5 | Ender 3 V2 - YouTube