Anet ET5x homing issues

picked up a used ET5x running the old firmware, stumbled across dr. vax’s tutorial on installing Marlin and BLT on YT, and followed it the best than I can with my limited knowledge of 3D printing and coding thought I had marlin installed and thought I had everything working but I attempted a PID tune and it would fail every time (I think the heater is bad) but after that homing “Z” results in the axis moving up 20mm in 2 10mm increments. I’ve been fighting with this for 2 weeks now, I’ve recompiled marlin 15 times following the YT video, and the homing issue remains, I also flashed the latest firmware from the Anet website, same thing. I’ve erased the chip using STLink and reflashed it multiple times, and now it’s worse yet, now the touchscreen is inaccurate (none of the icons and touch areas line up), I’m at my wit’s end and I don’t know what else to try. I’ve since ordered a new board with silent steppers, but I’m afraid that I might screw up the new board and I don’t know what happened to mess up the last one if anyone can help me out and maybe get this board back up and running I’d be so happy.

Thanks in advance
Justin (KB3KYX)

Hmmmm, I can’t help wondering if the chips on the current board are worn out from too many write operations. I say this mostly because things are getting worse after reflashing. The new board may give some significant clues.

I ordered the replacement on the 4th and I’m still waiting to get it, I hope it will be coming soon, I’ve been doing alot of looking at swapping to a diffrent board and rewiring it, I’ve already upgraded to a direct drive with a pancake stepper and I ordered a BLTouch. But I’m struggling with the boards being UART, SPI, 2209 V 1.2, 2208 v 3.0 are and which is best/appropriate to use

I can’t really offer comparative advice on the various options, but I can say my boards are running TMC2209, and they’re working fine.

So the factory stepper motors will function correctly regardless of which chipset is driving them?

Can’t answer that. I can say that the NEMA17 motors that came with my Ender 5 and Artist D run fine with 2209s.

ok, thank you for the help so far, when I finally receive the replacement board, I will post back.