Coaster. How to let the text not cut thru the coaste? MOD2207131XAKD

Hi, I don’t want the text to cut thru the coaster. How do I do that?

What software are you using?

SCAD example and PrusaSlicer

this is the example SCAD file

MOD2207131XAKD__Coaster.scad (1.16 KB)

Union instead of Difference?! Not sure what the desired end result is.


Thank you Alan. I dont want the name I put on the coaster cut thru the coaster completely. only about halfway. Thanks , I will try

I have to bow out. While I was 1 of the first members here to use openSCAD, I decided that it’s poor filleting capabilities made it a no go for me. I consider filleting to be a vital part of the 3D printing design process. The strength of a part can be greatly increased by fillets.

Thank you for your trouble. Have a great day


translate([0, 0, 5]) linear_extrude(height = 10) …


Thank you Alan. I appreciate it