Badminton machine

The first print for my project. One wheel printed with support, the other without support. I have to redo the design to avoid printing problems. The wheels spin at about 8000 rpm. They are printed with PLA but I want to make them from PETG.

Cool project! What slicer settings are you using? I bet those took a long time to print.


#Leo You could make the discs flat on both sides and fill the void with an appropriate infill, this would avoid unevenness in the dished sections creating vibration at 8000rpm. If you wanted a design that could flex slightly as the shuttlecock passes between the wheels, then spiral spokes like the NASA Curiosity rover could be one way to absorb the lateral load. Fun project!

#Leo Something along these lines of airless tire: Parametric airless tire by tjhowse - Thingiverse

I think you need to be very careful with this machine. At 8,000 RPM, flying plastic pieced could do a lot of damage. Please take precautions and make sure nobody is within range when testing.

This is also the reason why I will make them from PETG. And they will have protections.
And 8000 is the top speed. The working speed should be at 5000. We will test.

PrusaSlicer. With support 6:30 hours, without support 4:30 hours. Very difficult to remove the support.

Simplify3D also hasn’t been updated for some time.

@Leo Sorry, I meant layer height, width, speed, temp. For supports, try increasing the Z-support distance (gap between the part and support), or concentric supports.


I think that’s changing. The v4.1.2 update was released only last year, in April, and the company is making noises about a soon to be released v5 which, they say, will have many major improvements. I may look at getting it again (I owned it for less than 2 weeks in May - got my money back).

Interesting. I read on other boards that it had not been updated for longer than that and was falling behind in features.

Here’s the forum posting: lable.%20Wed%20Apr%2003%2C%202019%206%3A43,and%20r esolves%20several%20issues%20identified%20on%20thi s%20forum.

From what I’ve read, it appears v5 in particular, is going to really give control over how different parts of a model are handled: thick parts vs thin or fine ones, walls vs infill, etc., etc. I know some of these features are already available in various packages, but it appears Simplify3D is taking it to another level. They claim the current version can simulate exactly what will happen when printing: every detail. And, you can section off parts of your model to be treated differently, all visually I gather. Here’s a link to their current features page. They talk about award winning support structures. This has some backup from my experience. A guy who owns a local business that has done 3D printing for over 30 years claims Simplify3D’s supports are still the best, the easiest to remove. He called it trivial.

I was thinking about starting a thread where I would muse on the things I’ve learned so about 3D printing. One thing for sure: the longer a print is going to take, and the more filament it’s going to use (IOW, the more expensive it is in terms of time and resources), the more I think it’s worth spending time reviewing an exact simulation of what will happen on the printbed: see what you’re supposed to get as an end result before the print even starts.

What does a Badminton machine do? Have I missed something?

Just a guess on my part, but I assume it’s similar to baseball and tennis machines in that they throw baseballs, tennis balls, and shuttlecocks at a person, so they can practice their technique.

Perhaps our friend will explain it to us. At least to you after all you have done to help him.

I’m sure @Leo will chime in soon enough. The reason I made a guess was to see how close I come to the right answer. It’s kind of a challenge and a game to me.

It is amazing how much alike we think though we are probably quite different people who have traveled different paths.

No doubt. For one, I never worked construction. Well, not unless you count all the repairs/upgrades I’ve done around the house. Actually, the repairs/upgrades my wife & I have done. We have found that our 2 heads together makes every project turn out better than it would have for either of us alone.

Me andmy ex did a lot of things. We lived in many countries. She is French so we did things on both sides of the Atlantic. We lived in 6 countries outside of our own.

Guys, Badminton is played with a shuttlecock, which is a bit like a Mk2 Snakeye air-dropped bomb. It is designed to slow as it travels through the air and I believe one of the key skills in the game is understanding the loft and deceleration of the shuttlecock and dropping it where your opponent can’t get to it. Think beach vollyball. Without the beach. Or the swimwear.?

Is there anything that doesn’t decelerate naturally?