Interesting new printer design.

I don´t know if the printers design itself is that new, but the design is interesting.

It seems to be the first printer that could print bigger than its build plate. Not sure about part cooling, but it is probably possible to add air cooling.

Their FAQ says that it will have a fan:

“Yes. We have a Z Axis mounted fan. This is not shown on the current version, but will be incorporated in time for shipping.”

Not clear to me what they mean by Z axis mounted fan.

Interesting find! I wonder how stable it would be in larger designs.


Why wouldn´t it stable? It basically is CoreXY, just in this case they use Scara (??) movement, as both arms are basically moving intersecting circles.

The only stability issues could be when printing off the board and go heavy, but I guess you needs a huge amount of plastic to tilt the printer by the weight of the printed part.

The arms supporting the hotend are levers that move and supported from the same plane, unlike CoreXY designs. If scaled, I can imagine that working against stability.


@Geit, I think what @Alan is getting at is scaling the printer itself up; say, to handle 4x the volume.

Ah, sure. When scaling this up, this would be a problem, but the mechanic is designed to create small printers. 150x150 or 200x200. Since there are no belt, wires motors and stuff all over the place, the result is a very compact printer.