A new way to mod your printer to reduced support and increase speed.

This is a neat upgrade for you people hating support so much :smiley:


And a video:

Great idea. Not ready for production yet, but it seems somewhat simpler than some of the other articulated printers I’ve seen.

Nice! Hope true 5-acis printing comes someday!


Yeah, 5-axis would be great, but it would also be expensive.

Build one. With an SKR Pro you have 6 drivers, so 5 axis are possible. The rest is just a robot arm of some sort.

There is a commercial printer that is just a robot arm and a loose build plate. I saw it in a video. I think it was Chris Riley testing it on YT.

I’ve been looking at a lot of videos of 3d printing structures and this machine looks close to what I think is the most logical system for almost any 3d printer of any size or doing any job. Now all it needs is two booms with a claw on one to grab things and the other to run the tool. That would look neat.

You are right.

A 3D Pen is basically exactly that. The user holds the model in one hand and the pen in the other, so adding two robot arms with precision is the new evolution.

It is the same as we had before with our current printers, which are basically a hot glue gun pointing on a surface and evolved into precision machines doing exactly that.

I love the “hot glue gun analogy” Thank you Irv.