Prusa Now Taking Preorders for the Prusa XL

Hopefully it will be worth the wait (and cost)! Looks like an amazing FDM printer:


Thanks for the heads up. Had not heard of this printer. TBH, I haven’t been all that enthralled with Prusa: their printers or slicer or filament. This printer, however, looks like it could be a new benchmark for the industry. And the price is not really all that high, considering what it’s promising. I’m going to have to think on this 1.

3D Printing Nerd had a meetup with Prusa in Frankfurt at FormNext. It looks interesting. I just hope the did not overcomplicated things with all their mechanisms and plans.

It basically is just a CoreXY printer. The build in foldable cover is nice, but lacks a top. The entire hotend with all its complexity seems to be heavy, complicated and a little proprietary. Probably a nice machine, but expensive as they need to incl. all the potential support.

Probably nice printers and perfect for people who want to avoid tinkering with deep pockets.

Whow! I really liked what I saw with this printer. Five extruders, switchable, customizable so you don’t have to start with all at one time! Now the rest of the story! Estimated price, well that is just too much, again too much. Even if it was going to be my first printer, I will have to save for a very long time, I’m still trying to pay for the two I have. Something to dream about with the nozzle being the bed leveling sensor.

Glad you found this printer and presented it to us!

Yeah, it seems to hold a lot of promise. I’m not sure I agree it’s just a CoreXY printer. Yes, it is that, but I think the tool changer, pressure sensitve nozzle, easy change nozzles, segmented bed, true flat bed, fairly large volume, built in lights, and expandibility elevate it to another level. I was looking at building a hevORT printer for around $1500 with only 1 printhead. This is incrementally more money, but offers a lot of extras. And let’s not forget, it is from Prusa, so it’s coming from a company with a very good reputation.

It will be interesting to see how well the tool changer works. For that price I would expect it to be very good.

Well, I did it. A couple of days ago I put down $200 US to preorder 2 dual extruder XL.

I wonder what kind of effect the lock down had on Prusa. I hope they get through all right. They have the attitude we need.

@Ender5r you may be interested in this Prusa Research acquires Printed Solid Inc.

Prusa seems to be getting into massive print farms. They are a very energetic company.

@Gramps I’m aware of the PrintedSolid/Prusa ‘merger’. I’ve seen Nero3DP talk to David Randolph about it, and Joe talking to Joel. It seems like a good deal both ways. David says people wanting to buy Prusa printers should still go directly to Prusa, but Printed Solid will be carrying parts and accessories in North America.

Prusa has been running a print farm for a number of years now. Last I saw, they had over 600 MK2 and MK3 printers slamming out parts to make new Prusa printers.

If you haven’t seen, here’s a video on how Prusa grew to sell over 100,000 printers. [U][/U]

Here’s another with Joel Telling getting a factory tour from Papa Joe. [U][/U]

I’ve seen those. I just watched a video of them going to the next level and selling the systems that all the printers plug into.

Yes, Prusa just debuted a fully automated production 3D farm at a show in Dubai.

I think I found it here. PRUSA PRO AFS - Automated Farm System: Presenting the Future of Manufacturing on EXPO 2020 in Dubai - YouTube

Yeah, that’s the promo video all right.

I hope this Covid nonsense doesn’t put him out of business as it must have done so many small businesses world wide.

I don’t think there is much danger of that, especially since Prusa is bringing so much of the manufacturing in house.

Looks like a lucky few might get an XL for Christmas, but 2023 for most. XL delivery times briefly mentions around 4:18.


I figured quite a while ago that most people won’t see an XL until at least 2023, some maybe not until 2024.