2022 is coming to an end, what new 3D printers to watch this year?

As mentioned in the question, 2022 is coming to an end, and many new 3D printers have come out. Which are worth paying attention to?

Although technically “almost out”: Prusa XL with 5 extruders on top. Wished I had money to squander for it, lol. Can’t ever afford that one. Slurp, sorry, trying to keep the drool inside my mouth.

I have reviews coming up on the channel for the FLSUN V400, Sovol SV06 and Longer LK4x. I am trying to get access to an Ender 5 S1 but not sure that will happen. I am also going to review the FLSUN Klipper-based Speeder Pad (I just bought one), and the Ortur Laser Master 3.

The two 3d printers I use the most right now are my FLSun Super Racer and my Ender 3 S1 Pro.

If you have a working printer the only reason to get a new one is if you need a bigger build volume or if the other printers in your army are constantly printing and you need more work force.

An eight year old printer which got the usual amount of maintenance prints in the same quality as the top of the range models.

The next step are printers with an additional axis, but they also require proper slicers.

In my opinion, the Bambu Lab X1-Carbon is worth mentioning. I own one, so I might be biased, but it is a very fast core-XY printer with only a couple of potential issues. One is the build volume at 256mm cubed. And the other is the amount of filament wasted when purging the nozzle during filament changes. At $1500 USD it is a bit expensive for the average hobbyist, but I think it is worth the price. Also the X1 carbon is a good fit for those who want a printer that just works out of the box WITHOUT a bunch of tuning needed. In my experience, the quality of prints produced on the X1 Carbon are excellent although that can depend on the specific filament and slicer options used. I have been able to print a few items in PETG with almost zero stringing which is the first time I have not had very stringy PETG prints.

This year I bought my first machine, the Elyarchi Amabox, which also uses the klipper and CORE XY structure, and I’m currently using it at a best speed of 150mm/s, and the print quality is pretty good.

Would anyone really use a machine without replacing it? If you don’t even modify the parts will this machine print out a model that can really be used?

I purchased this machine two months ago, at first everything was fine, gradually I found out that it can only print their own brand of material good disadvantages, other brands of material it printed very bad, in addition, because the carbon fiber after a month of wear and tear began to fall off the slag, the structure began to loosen, print one thing worse than another, has been unusable, and the price simply does not match the quality, if you want to use a stable structure of the machine without assembly and leveling than choose the recently released Elyarchi, at least it is faster and more usable.

@Amaya, many people and printfarms use Prusa printers for many years. Why this comment about the Prusa extruders in general? As we say in Dutch: if you say A, you have to say B. Meaning: please elaborate.

You need to replace mechanical parts from time to time as they wear. Usually it is just bearings and stuff like heater cartridges. From time to time a wire will need a replacement, too.

A 3D printer is a machine like a car. You often need to replace broken or worn parts without buying a new car every time. :smiley: