Ender 5 S1

I was very excited to receive this 3d printer, which has not disappointed me. However, it took some work to produce a good profile, and it still needs more work. Here is the review:

[video=youtube_share;dkz4KO6VDDI]Is the Ender 5 S1 Fast and High Quality? - YouTube

Several people on YouTube have mentioned that the bamboo labs p1p. I am going to try and get one to review.

Quite a number of people believe the p1p is actually a better buy than the X1C.

To muddy the waters a bit. I have a FLSUN V400 in a box behind me. This high-end consumer printer promises very high speeds and has Klipper built in as the printer firmware. They still have an MKS Robin in the printer controlling the motion, but they integrate at the factory a FLSUN Speeder Pad running on a Quad Core A53 at 1.6MHZ.

There are already alternative builds of Klipper on Github for the FLSUN Speeder Pad, which is used on the V400 and also available standalone for other printers.

I am starting my testing today.

The FLSUN and the Ender 5 S1 might be easier to maintain than the P1P or X1C, which use all proprietary parts that seem more difficult to replace. Still trying to learn more about the Bambu Labs printers, so my information so far is hearsay.

As users of consumer 3d printers, this is a beautiful time. We have low-cost machines like the Solvo SX06 (a Prusa clone), mid-priced machines like the Ender 3 S1/S1 Pro and several more expensive machines like the Ender 5 S1, FLSUN V400, and Bambu Labs P1P, each with different advantages and disadvantages.

As a reviewer, I am not going to try and “pick a winner”. Instead of trying to report what I learn so, my viewers have the information to make a choice.

So, Irv, who is taller; you or the V400? :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually bought the Ender 5 s1 before I knew anything yet (I was looking at snap maker and saw a review that let me to Creality and found a deal on the 5). I have been watching everything I can and printing stuff to learn but I might have messed up my hotend (printing something now to see how it goes). I have not seen much on replacements and was hoping to find some guidance here.