Anycubic Kobra 2 or Sovol SV07?

Hi everyone, I am new here and also very new (3 monthsI to FDM printing. I have started on a very cheap and very small printer and now want to upgrade. I am looking at Anycubic Kobra 2 and the Sovol SV07. Prices are not too different but the Kobra has Linea rails (which seem to be a real bonus) but the SV07 has Klipper.
Can anyone give me their advice please?

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Hello derekspain, So, what did you decide on buying? I too am thinking about buying a Sovol SV07.

Haven´t got either yet. I am still ferreting around although I think I will probably end up buying the Anycubic Kobra 2. I just have a feeling that the linear rails are superior. The Sovol SV07 seems a great machine but I feel the rubber wheels could cause a problem at the speeds the machine can reach. Having waffled all that I think both are well priced. Just wish I could make a decision. Best of luck

I have an AtomStack X30 Laser Engraver and it has rubber wheels and it travles on average 7000mm/s and I have never had any line issues. I found a video that really made me change my mind on buying the Sovol SV07. Fast isn't always better, Sovol SV07 Review - YouTube with that said. I am back to researching about the Anycubic Kobra 2 or Sovol SV06 Plus. Here is his review on that: Sovol SV06 Plus, large, powerful, easy to use - YouTube
Best of luck to the both of us. LOL

I don’t have either printer, but here are my concerns. YMMV.

The Kobra 2’s hotend is limited to 260C. This suggests the hotend has a PTFE liner. I’d be concerned about longevity as I’ve had bad experiences with other manufacturer’s PTFE-lined hotends when printing PETG above 250C. I do like the steel wheels, auto z-offset, and part cooling. I think I read that a new firmware does (manual) input shaping.

The SV07 does have a 300C hotend, along with independent z-motors, and hardware-based input shaping (an accelerometer). The rubber v-wheels are an unfortunate cost savings. I’ve had them wear out on a slow printer. There is a reason why Voron, Ratrig, and Bambu use linear rails or rods.

Both machines use non-standard volcano-style nozzles.

Just to muddy the waters more, you might be interested in the Neptune 4 Pro.

Let us know what you decide!


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Hi Alan

Thanks for your comments. I am a 3 month newbie and bought a very small and very cheap printer to start. It wasn’t a complete failure as it made me learn the basics very quickly through trial, error and study. I agree with all you say and if the SV07 hand the linear rails I would have made the purchase by now but the wheels do concern me.
Your remarks about the Neptune 4 Pro made me look again and it seems to have combined the SV07 and Kobra 2 but being so new I hadn’t heard of Elegoo so that put me off a little. Are they a good brand to go with_
Would appreciate your comments and advice on this. I know it’s my decision but at 79 years of age I want to buy something that will seen a grumpy old man through.

Hi Alan
I have decided to by the Neptune 4 Pro. It seems to future proof me as much a possible and the price is pretty fair.
Thanks for your comments

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I have decided to buy the Neptune 4 Pro. It seems to future proof me as much a possible and the price is pretty fair. Take a look at it.