Sovol SV6

I know there are mixed reports about the reliability and support of Sovol 3d printers, and I can only speak to my first impressions of the SV06. I like it. Print quality using the models on the SD card is only average, but it is a very easy 3d printer to assemble and use. The feature set is impressive at $229 during the holiday sale, and even at $299, it might be the least expensive 3d printer I have seen with an all-metal hot and a print bed rated at 100c.

It is disappointing that they only ship an old version of Cura for Windows on the sd card but they do have a printed sheet explaining their key settings for your own slicer. In the follow-up review in about a month or so I will test it at high temperatures with current versions of Cura.

Here is the review. Enjoy.

[video=youtube_share;YNBRntEass4]Is the Sovol SV06 the Best 3D Printer for beginners? - YouTube

Thanks! Would love to see how the helpdesk quality is. Not so impressed with the quality just yet by this vid and you not yet fine tuning it. As a starter printer, it should print better right out of the box. In miniatures, that quality just looks awful.

I have one of these coming. I plan to Klipperize it, then run Input Shaper and Pressure Advance calibrations. That should allow me to get the most from the printer.

In that vein @Irv_Shapiro, and having not yet viewed the video, can you tell me what MCU it uses?

Here is a link to the github repo for the Marlin source code:

And here are a couple of photos. This is the easiest printer I own in terms of access to the control board.



Nice to see the heat sinks.