Recommended Beginner vs High End 3d Printers

I am working on a video about my currently recommended 3d printers based on machines I have hands-on experience with. Two of my favorites are the Solvol SV06 and the AnkerMaker M5. The Solvol is an entry-level 3d printer that is easier to assemble and has more advanced features than the Ender 3 V2 at about the same price. The AnkerMaker M5 is a high-speed 3d printer that produces outstanding-quality prints. These devices target different audiences, priced at about $230 and $700. It might be fun for everyone to see them printing models side by side.


Are they both printing the same model? Looks like the 06 is in slow motion.

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I regret that Bambu didn’t send you one, as they seem to have sent them for honest testing to everyone popular on YouTube. What an oversight! Since you are one of the rare few who makes an overview which is comprehensible to understand for starters even, that’s a real loss for the community!


Ankermaker is not a good 3d printer at its price. The Bambulab P1P is better than it. We test the affordable 3d printer filament with Bambulab P1P and the 3d printed result is great.

Any chance you can post what the tests were and what the results were? Otherwise, you come across as a shill for Sunlu.