Acceleration settings help needed

I have an Ender 3 (v1) with skr 3 mini board and tft35 screen. In the machine settings i set every acceleration to 1000.
Do i need to set these figures in Prusa to ( in print settings-speed-acceleration control) or leave those settings to 0 (default) ? And which settings get priority, i mean, if i set in Prusa, does it override machine settings and vise-versa or not? Hope i make myself clear…englisch is not my native language.

First, 1,000 seems very high to me. I’m not sure which settings will get priority, so I would do an experiment. I would set both the printer’s firmware & PrusaSlicer to 1,000. Then I would run a very, very small, quick print, but without any filament in the printer. A good one might be to create a small, thin square. In PrusaSlicer duplicate the square 1 time and put 1 square each in opposite corners of the printbed, so the head will have to move a long way. Then I would see what the movements look like.

Then, I would change the PrusaSlicer settings to 50 & run the same print without filament & see what those movements look like. It should only take a few minutes.

Very good idea. Thanks a lot

I am curious to see what your findings are.