Ender 3 S1 Pro - Fiberlogy Fiberflex 40D Filament - PRUSA Slicer settings

Greetings fellow creators,
I am relatively new to 3D printing and only have been safely printing with PLA so far.
Ventured out to flexible filament. Read some reviews and settled on Fiberlogy Fiberflex 40D filament, which seems to be fitting my project’s requirements. I also read that printing with flex filaments can be a little tricky and am reaching out to you here for advice on the choice of slicer settings so I don’t plug up the extruded and get myself in trouble.
Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks

I haven’t used Fiberflex filamant but do use Hatchbox TPU and a few others. Here’s a config for PrusaSlicer that might get your in the ballpark
config-TPU-Prusaslicer.ini (9.8 KB)