A Little Gift For Your Endcode

I’ve attached a small gcode file that will play some sound. I use it to tell me when a print is finished. You can test it by simply copying it to your SD card or OctoPi and printing it.

*** Ordinarily, I would caution anyone to be extremely careful about printing unverified gcode. I promise you, there is nothing in this file that will cause damage to your printer. If your printer can make sounds via gcode, it should work. That said, by all means, open the file in a text editor and look at it for yourself.

EndCodeNotifier.zip (257 Bytes)

Thank you I will try it out when I get around to fixing my printer.

Seriously, no 1 tried this?

I haven’t touched my printer for months. I’m waiting for Idex to mature.

Not all printers support playing sounds. I looked into this when I was doing some two color prints on a non-IDEX printer to alert me when it was time to swap filament, but I don’t do those types of prints enough. I recall seeing a video on how to convert MIDI files to gcode M300 commands.

Here’s an interesting thread on the Prusa forums: [URL=“M300: Play a sound at the end of the print – Improvements (Archive) – Prusa3D Forum”]M300: Play a sound at the end of the print – Improvements (Archive) – Prusa3D Forum


That’s unfortunate. I can’t stand letting my printers sit idle. You might want to look into E3D’s tool changer (also one of @Geit’s early posts on his tool changer). I’m hoping to see more sellers come out in the fall with CoreXY setups that employ this arrangment (Prusa!?).


With all the plastic I’ve given away to everybody and not printing for months I am still up to my heinie in the stuff. I wish there were some things to print that would actually make me want to print again.

I have no printer with a working beeper. :smiley:

I think many here are like Geit and myself as several printer models do NOT have any form of speaker.
Having said that, the linear modules on my Snapmaker 2-A350 do make noise with certain movements that can seem a bit musical.

I just figured that, since there are so many Ender 3 owners here, that some of them would have tried it.

I have programmed my Ender 3 pro to beep in the Gcode. It is good for people like me with one printer.

Hi, I’m new here, haven’t even unboxed my first printer … but I like playing with software
Took a look inside Ender5r’s file, and it is all M300 codes. Googled M300, the file is sound (pun intended).

Question is, does my printer have a speaker? Or will I have to wait until I add a RaspberryPi?

Probably, but it depends on what printer you purchased. A Pi doesn’t have a speaker, fwiw, but could probably run an external one.