3d printer does not detect the bed

I have a Witbox 2 3d printer. It was printed good until one day that does not print any more. At the beginn looks a problem from leveling but now when I press HOME, the printer try to make the leveling, crash with the bed and then appear the line: "bed not detect. Someone know what could happen? Any idea? Thanks indeed. Best Regards. Mayte

Check the limit switch on the Z axis

Hey Gramps. Thanks for your answer. The problem is that I can not check the option is disable. Before I need to make HOME and I can not. I was thinking that perhaps the sensor that allow to move the bed and does not crash with the nozzle is brocken. Or update de software?

You usual can drive the tool head up without homing. It could be that the printer only allows this for a small amount of time, but most printers allow driving it all the way up.

Now it depends on what type of sensor is used. Switch, magnetic sensor or crash detection, which is clearly not used here. Since the tool head is up, you have time when homing. Just make sure you can cut mains power, which is always a god idea to have.

When the z homing takes place, trigger the switch manually. If it is a magnetic sensor use a screw driver to trigger. If the printer does not react, the sensor or the wiring is broken. Cut mains power immediately to avoid an additional crash.

Please not that if the sensor is magnetic at glass bed or other material like a magnetic bed may limit or confuse the sensor. If your manual triggering made the printer stop, remove that build surface and try the homing stuff again.

If the printer now stops before crashing, you need a new build surface or a different sensing method. I recommend a basic switch over any of the fancy sensors anyway. The only add problems and aren’t helping much.