xmas presents

Mom asked for me to make something for her for Christmas and I settled on these:


Very nice. Mind you, my mother would upchuck at the sight of the purple but would love them otherwise. Mind you she is more than old now; she is waay old, and her mind doesn’t work so well anymore.

Nice! What filament did you use?


All the silky colors (gold, green, purple, blue, & red) are CC3D that I got on Amazon. The white and black are Hatchbox.

These are the models:

flowers, stems, sepals: Rose with Stem & Thorns & Sepals & Hip for Valentine's Day by kresty - Thingiverse
vases: Spiral Vase by BigBadBison - Thingiverse

And I attached the stem extenders I modeled to get the flowers at different heights.

stem extender.zip (486 KB)