Learning things from DR Vax YouTube Video ;o)

After seeing an interesting videos about adjusting the Filament, it turns out that when
I asked my Enter 5 plus to run 100mm of filament it didn’t… but now it does.
A few days ago I saw the Video about Vase mode, and a setup that is not Vase mode, but can
give a similar result, with the addition that we could change the setup
In this test case I made a thicker base and the 3 recommended lines
of filament in the wall, and it is watertight. I show my result here, and thanks for learning things
together ;o)
Else I try to design things I can use in my radio amateur hobby, like this housing for my Hotspot, also shown here…

regards Benny
(Sorry for my English never learn it, just use what I pick up over the years, and now happy with ‘Word spell control and Google Translate ;o) )


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