Vase Mode at 100mm/sec on the Fokoo Odin-5

This vase from was a test of pushing the direct extruder Odin-5 to higher speeds. While not perfect it is still quite impressive. This 150mm high print finished is slightly less than 4 hours. It was printed Amolen Silk-Like PLA at 200c with the print bed at 50c. I used the Cura 4.11 stock Ender-3 profile with the retraction reduced from 5mm to 1mm since this is a direct extruder printer. I continue to be impressed with this printer as I have not had a single print fail during my testing.

[ATTACH=JSON]{“data-align”:“none”,“data-size”:“custom”,“height”:“598”,“title”:“Fokoos Vase.jpg”,“width”:“700”,“data-attachmentid”:12363}[/ATTACH]

A question: is Vase Mode really useful for anything other than testing print quality. My understanding is that the prints are only 1 wall thick. Doesn’t that make them pretty useless for real world applications?

Depends on what you mean by “real world applications.” I suspect that it is not useful for what you are printing. Vases can be printed water tight if careful. I’ve made plant watering cans for family members as well as several vases and 3D printed flowers for when my mother was in the hospital. My favorite vase-mode print is an 11.5 inch tall trash can using multicolor filament.


But how tough is that trash can? @Irv_Shapiro has shown vase mode prints cracking with not much effort, because they’re so thin.

Well, I wouldn’t throw a couple reams of paper in there but it does fine holding scrap paper. I would not characterize vase-mode prints as brittle. I print them hot–at max recommended temperature or higher–for better strength.


Interesting. I may have to try something in vase mode. BTW, I’m currently printing PETG @ 240C.