Behind the Scenes with the Fokoos Odin-5 F3 FDM Printer


I am working on a review of a very interesting FDM printer, the Fokooks Odin-5 F3, which is foldable. Watch this clip of some of my first impressions while I work on a full review.

[video=youtube_share;QUSeVhkIi2g]Fokoos Odin-5 F3 Live Behind the Scenes - YouTube


Interesting. I’m not entirely sure why, but portability seems to be a growing ‘thing’ in 3D printing now. Personally, I wish manufacturers would spend more time mitigating filament fumes. I am concerned about long term effects, even from PLA.

Interesting! Finally, something different from another clone of a clone. I very much like the portability idea. I can fit my smaller cartesian printer in the trunk of my car for trips, but it is too tall to fit neatly. Plus, this is a direct drive machine–nice. I like that it uses open source firmware (Marlin) and it looks like adding autobed leveling (e.g., a BLtouch) wouldn’t be difficult. Are quiet fans expensive? I don’t understand why these machines come with TMCs yet have noisy cooling fans.

I took a quick look around (it is on sale for $310 on the manufacturer’s website) but did not see if comes with an all-metal hotend and a dual-gear extruder. Looking forward to your review!


Glad to see you are having success with this printer! The fact that is is using Marlin 2 is great news. I am surprised that “it is no faster than an Ender 3” given the Fokoos has a Volcano-clone hotend. For example, I’m estimating that the printer hotend was extruding at least 16 mm[SUP]3[/SUP]/s for the vase print posted in another thread (printed at 100 mm/s), which seems high (E3D V6 outputs ~ 10-15 mm[SUP]3[/SUP]/s). It does sound, however, that the extruder is working well!

Do you think the ribbon cables will hold up? I recall another manufacturer tried them and owners were complaining the ribbon cables were breaking. Also, if you don’t mind, can you confirm that the electrical wiring to the heated bed looks sound? (I have visions of a ribbon cable being used; yes, I’m paranoid, lol).

FWIW, I’ve not noticed significant differences in performance between Magigoo (at your recommendation ?) and Dimaflex on flat glass, after using them for over a year.


P.S. – Amazon has the printer for sale at the same price, after applying a $50 off coupon, as the manufacturer’s website.