Dragon Stuck to the Fokoos Odin-5 F3 Print Bed

Just completed my last test print of the Fokoos Odin-5 F3 before filming a review video for the Youtube channel. Print quality is excellent but I am having trouble getting the print off the print bed. Printed with the bed at 50c and I applied some MagiGoo before printing. Trying the freezer trick. Most materials contract when cooled, since the atoms slow down. Hopefully, the contractions of both the model and the glass plate will gracefully release the print.

Overall I am quite impressed with this printer that sells for $350 on Amazon but is on sale direct from the manufacturer for $300. Basically, it is $50 to $100 more than a Crealtiy Ender 3 V2. Yes, that is 25 percent more, but it might be worth it. In my review, I will share who I think should buy the Creality Printer and who should buy the Fokoo.

Just a hint: The print has a print bed the same size as the Ender 3 but the printer gantry folds down so you have a flat rectangular box to move around. Assembly is no more than 10 minutes if you want to read the user guide first. Calibration and setup are the same as any other 3d printer but filament loading is as easy as a Prusa Mk3 due to the excellent direct extruder hot end. Full Marlin 2.0 with access to most functions from a very good touch screen. Print quality along the Z-axis is outstanding with layer lines just fading away, on the X and Y axis, it is average with a bit of ghosting.

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Wow, it worked great. Much faster than hacking with a paint scraper. Ten minutes in my family freezer (my wife did not see it) and it lifted right off.

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You can see the frost on the build plate from the MagiGoo.

Glad the freezer worked. Can’t help but wonder, though, would Dimafix have worked better? Might make for a good, real-world comparison of the 2.