Fokoos ODEN 5 F3 Foldable 3d Printer Review is Live

When doing reviews of 3d printers, something interesting happens. Some devices you grow to like more and more over time. But, conversely, some devices give excellent first impressions as less “lovable” over time.

The Fokoos ODEN 4 F3 provides a solid first impression, and I grew to like using it more and more over time. Part of the reason is that I never had a print fail due to an excellent extruder and a remarkable print surface. This includes prints that ran for 10 and 15 hours.

Here is the review and setup guide:

[video=youtube_share;yNhNHGP4nMs]Fokoos Odin 5 F3 Foldable 3d Printer Review and Setup - YouTube

PS. I also found that the company is making the right moves to indicate it understands customer support. For example, it has a company-supported and active Facebook group. It provides repair kits with typical consumables, hot ends with nozzles, filament out detectors, cables, v-slot wheels on Amazon at an excellent price. I am impressed.

My only criticisms of this printer are that I think the extrusions are a bit undersized, I wished they would work to get the printer included right in the standard Cura build, and it would be nice if it were a bit faster. However, quality prints are obtainable at Ender 3 speeds.

Yawwwwwnnnn, yet ANOTHER great review by DrVAX/MakeWithTech. It’s getting boring already… JUST KIDDING! [SIZE=36px]??[/SIZE]
Indeed, it is a great review, and should be helpful to many people new to 3D printing. The video also points out a trend I’ve noticed with new printers coming onto the market; that is, they seem to be getting better and better right out of the gate. It seems the manufacturers are competing with each other by adding small, but significant, features to distinguish their new printer from the pack: i.e. using a proximity sensor instead of micro switch.

Well done @Irv_Shapiro, thanks.

Nice review! Thank you.

I think that this video is a must watch for anybody with any printer as a learning tool. Very instructive for any printer a person would have. Very well done!