Which Firmware to Run??

I have an SKR 1.4 Turbo controller on its way to me. When it arrives I will, of course, have to 1st figure out how to get it mounted to the printer. After that I will have to flash it with firmware. That’s where I’m looking for advice. What firmware do you think I should run: RepRap, Marlin, Cheetah, Creality Marlin, something else?

Just pick marlin, drop the config files for your printer into the marlin folder, change the board type and compile. :smiley:

Copy the firmware.bin to your SD card, put it into your SKR board and power it up. Firmware update done.

Just make sure you have VSCode installed and inside that install the PlatformIO IDE and the “auto build marlin” plugin. The rest if just fun. :smiley:

If that worked out, enable all the fancy stiff in Marlin, which may be disabled by default.

Thanks. I did that process when I flashed Marlin 2.0.x onto the 8-bit board a couple of weeks back. Of course, a number of features had to be disabled, but it did flash, and work. I really like that they moved the Preheat PLA & ABS options under the Temperature menu. That just makes sense to me. The version I used was Marlin-bugfix-2.0.x.

Bottom line: I have VS Code, with Platform IO & Marlin Autobuild installed.

VSCode never worked good on my pc again! But as you know, Marlin Configurator is the best and the easiest way to configure Marlin! BTW, run the firmware you’re familiar with!