Weird stringing on 1mm nozzle

On my Anycubic Kobra max I am trying to dial in settings for a 1mm nozzle.
I get this weird stringing and after many test prints and adjustments I have not been able to get rid of this.
I have adjusted the speed, temp, retraction, Z-hop and even the experimental “coast” function in Cura 5.2.1.
I do not want to abandon the idea of the large nozzle and would put up with cleaning string if I have to, but if I could get pointed in the right direction to solve this problem, that would be much appreciated.

I have attempted to upload an image of one of my tests. If this is the improper way to include a photo, please let me know.

My first thought is that as you are using a relatively large nozzle, you might need even more retraction to suck the filament back.
Also I would suggest you reply indicating what brand and type of filament you are using as some filaments can be problematic in certain circumstances. And indicate what nozzle temperature you are using. Others might be able to help once the additional info is available.