Weird problem with Cura


I hope someone could help me. I’m printing cable chain (Drag Chain - Cable Chain - Ender 3 by diogosantos88 - Thingiverse) to my Ender 3V2 with Cura 4.8.0.
The two nibbles are not aligned in chain link as you can see in the picture.
My guess is that it is something the do with the printing direction.
The chain link is OK in the Cura.
What is wrong?



The surface of your print also looks “stringy”. Like if the lines were not fused together. Seems your temperature could need a little bump up.

It seems there is a layer shift on the XY axis, which is visible on the middle flat part at the bottom. It seems the upper parts is printed more to the left/top corner.

Really hard to say from this perspective. However, it is impossible that Cura did that. It is more likely that something on your printer got loose or isn´t square.

Cable chains are perfect for adjusting your printer. They don´t need to be perfect, but you need many of them. Just print one by one to get everything right. Attached a spare cable chain printed in ABS for my Anet A8. The Noyes ABS is great. It looks and feels like injection molded plastic. The layer lines are only visible when you look on the rounded parts, where the 0.2mm layers try to build a smooth curve. :smiley:

Almost embarrassed. I know the belt were tight after installation, but now very loose. I learnt a lesson.
Thanks very much for you prompt help. ??

Things like that happen.

Just make it a routine to check them before starting a print and you will never run into it. Same goes for other things like “Is the print bed free from old parts?” “Is the bed sitting solid within the frame?” “Does the tool head wiggle?” “Are the endstops in position and fixated?”

Just touching all these elements once in a while can save a lot of time and filament.

Thanks for good advise.

well done @Geit, and so quickly.