Vase Tutorial

Thank you for the tutorials on FreeCad. Everyone have thought me some new things. I have played with vases before, but the challenge for me and I think will be a a great followup if you can do one or two on face vases for example adding criss cross blocks on the outside or some interesting futures on the outside.

Thanks again.

Many basic customizations can be achieved by using more complex shapes for the various layers with the loft capabilities. The other idea to play with is to create a basic vase and then using a second vase as a tool to cut sections out of the first vase. I expect complex patterns will require this second approach and a LOT of trial and error.


Thank you for your reply. I am fairly new to FreeCad and some reason i just cannot get my head around how to create something similar to this on the outside.

PS: I enjoy your video’s. Not only the 3D printing and FreeCad ones. Fall in the same age group you are gearing them towards. Thank you.