Kinda like a vase

I want to make a part that in the end is like a printed vase with one exception.

I watch Irv’s vase video and can create a simple tubular vase, that’s the shape I want, but I need to add a feature to it.

I have many drip irrigation outlets on my property and when I am using my weed wacker, every spring, I break off multiple drip heads. Its just a PITA so I thought I would make a piece that would slide over each head so I wouldn’t step on the water line and break the top.

What I want to do is add an opening at the bottom where the line can go through the wall, in kind of a u shape.

The vase like shape I am using is just basically a padded circle with the adjustments made in the slicer. The vase shape works fine. If I remove a pocket rod from the bottom the slicer no longer thinks it is a simple cylinder and the printed part is no longer like a vase.

I can add images if needed, I just am looking for a simple way to make this part that doesn’t take 6 hours to print. I have way too many to make if it takes that long.

Well, I can do it as a 3d object if I make the wall thick enough for 4 perimeters, 1.6mm.

If I make it for 3 perimeters it takes 1hr 22min and a cost of .22. If I make it have 4 make it have 4 perimeters it takes 1hr 32min and a cost of .27. Because the slicer doesn’t understand odd numbers for some parameters when I make the wall thickness at 3 perimeters the inside perimeter is actually gap infill and if I make it have 4 perimeters the two inside walls are Internal Perimeter.

I, too, have wondered how to do this (although I am not sure I am visualizing what you want to do correctly). Mesh modifiers don’t seem to work. It might be possible to cut the part in two at the transition point from regular slicing to vase/spiralize mode, and slice and print them as two separate files, similar to printing a multicolor print with a single toolhead. It probably will require some editing of the gcode of the files, but print the regular part, keeping the bed hot at the end, and then telling the printer to print the second, vase mode, file on top,