USB Cable Organizer

I needed a better way to organize my USB cables so I headed over to Tinkercad and designed a cable wrap that handles both the bigger USB connector and the smaller device connector. Plus I think it looks rather nice and prints very easily. Here is a link to the STL file on Thingiverse.

Here is a link to the model on Tinkercad:

I am working on a video about using your 3d printer to organize your life a bit. At least your cables and messy drawers.


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That’s a slick idea.

Interesting. I downloaded this 1 a while ago but haven’t printed any yet: [U][/U]. Maybe now I don’t need to :slight_smile:

I like the one in the link above. I think the one Irv made needs to be a little bigger so the cable could wind a little smoother. Do like the idea that it could stay on the cable while the cable is being used.

You could easily upsize Irv’s version in Cura. And I think both can stay on the cable while it’s in use, which is a bonus.

Hmmmm maybe I could use this idea to organize all my sundry cables in my tangled snake drawer.