Tinkercad latest update

I really don’t know why they messed with a good product.

The new snap-on feature is a pest. Suddenly, there are serious limitations on what you can do with an object. I have run into the dreaded “exceeded” label so fast now compared to before. You can feel a design getting close to it’s filesize limitations much sooner than before, as when you try and do anything, it just wants to add a note to the page, which you then have to delete. Subtracting a few cubes from an imported object suffices already to reach a design’s limit. Trying to fix it by making a “create shape” fails often. Creating a shape at the start does not extend the amount of procedures much. Basically, I’m stuck fast.

This is really sad. I bet many people like me started the 3D printing designing hobby with Tinkercad. I did 2 mayor design projects on there, before switching to Blender. I would not be able to do any of them on it now. That’s a real shame, as people give up before the fun starts, as other programs are way too daunting for some people to work in.

Tinkercad was fun do do some fast tweaking and create something simple. Bummer!

The sad thing is that it’s not like a program on your HD where you can just go back to the previous version or not update in the 1st place. I think sometimes software engineers look at a program and say we need to do something with this program we haven’t updated it in a while. Could be they were told we need to save server space and limiting the file size was the easiest way of achieving it.

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I remember my first lesson as a programmer: don’t mess with something that works well. Severely saving space per user was certainly on their mind, by the looks of it.

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Very interesting. I have not used Tinkercad lately but I have done many videos about it in the past. Thanks for bringing this up. I will take a look.