Upgrading Firmware on Ender 3 Pro - what stepper drivers do I have??

I am ready to dive into upgrading the firmware on my Ender 3 Pro to latest Marlin 2.x. I looked at the motherboard and see it is version 4.2.2

So my question is what stepper drivers do I have - either HR4988 or TMC2208? Based on various YouTube videos about board updates the TMC2208 are ‘silent’ drivers and by watching the videos and listening to the before and after in sound I think I have the HR4988 drivers.

When I go to compile firmware and I select the HR4988 then run the printer if the wrong driver is compiled what issues or damage could occur if the wrong driver is selected??




Maybe I found my answer over on Reddit.

Found this in a thread…

So looked a motherboard photo I took…


The upper right corner is the SD slot with a ‘C’ written on it.

So I apparently have the HR4988 drivers. Problem solved.

Apologies for yelling for help, but just my luck…


Screenshot 2021-07-28 140755.jpg

good detective work.