Trying to upgrade Marlin to TH3DUF

I have almost got Arduino working but I get this error message:
Using library U8glib at version 1.18 in folder: /Users/larry/Documents/Arduino/libraries/U8glib
exit status 1
‘Creality’ does not name a type

I have no idea what that could mean. Can anyone give me a clue?

Can you open “…Documents/Arduino/libraries/hardware/” and confirm that the “arduino” and “sanguine” folders are there?

Just a thought

I have done that, they are there. If I could get an idea of what this error message means I think I’m almost there.

Ok, then try e-mailing the company. I’ll see if I can “install” (won’t work with my printers) the software in a bit.


I didn’t understand what you are getting at.

Sorry, I meant e-mail TH3D and ask them what the error message means.

That said, I followed the instructions in the Mac setup guide here with no errors. I used TH3DUF_R2. At this point, I am supposed to edit (uncomment) the Configuration.h file (5th tab from the left in Arduino) for the right printer. I stopped here as I do not know what specific model you are flashing. Maybe @Ender5r can help.

I’ll paste the instructions under the Configuration.h tab below in case it helps.


  • STEP 1:
  • Select the correct board from the tools menu for the printer you are flashing.
  • Read the printer title for the model you are flashing, it will show what board to select.
  • STEP 2:
  • Uncomment the printer you want to flash. The printers are sorted A-Z by brand name.
  • If you are using the Creality Dual board with the Ender 3/Ender 5/CR-20 then read the specific section below in that printer section on how to do this.
  • STEP 3:
  • Select the COM port your printer is on from the Tools menu. If you do not see the COM port try
  • downloading the latest drivers from the manufacturer or TH3D site on our knowledgebase.
  • STEP 4:
  • Verify you have the correct board selected, printer model uncommented, and if you are using EZOUT and/or EZABL
  • the lines you need to use them are also uncommented.
  • STEP 5:
  • Once you have your settings verified click the arrow in the upper left to upload to the board.
  • STEP 6:
  • Reset your eeprom. You can send M502 then M500 to reset the EEPROM OR on the printer LCD go to
  • Control > Reset EEPROM to clear out the EEPROM to defaults.

I shall certainly try this. Thank you.

@Alan, when I read @ roon4660’s OP, I thought, “I bet he hasn’t set a printer model in the config file”. It sounds like you’re thinking the same.
@ roon4660, my suspicion is that you missed an instruction in the list, the one where you have to edit the configuration.h file. It has entries that cover a wide range of printers. You have to remove the comment character(s) from the left of the line that contains your printer (Ender 3 Pro). My suspicion is that the error is telling you, “Hey, I found “Creality” but there wasn’t a model to go with it”.

I did uncomment creality ender 3 and did look at whatever else I should uncomment but found nothing.

@Ender5r Yup! Something related to the Config file.

Does your Configure.h file look like this? (@Ender5r Please double check my work!)

//================================================== =========================
// Creality Ender 3/3 Pro Options - Select ‘Sanguino 1284p’ from Tools > Board
//================================================== =========================
#define ENDER3

// If you are using our EZOut V1/V2 (connected to LCD header) filament sensor kit please follow the install guide
// and then uncomment the #define EZOUT_ENABLE line below.
// Do NOT ever connect our filament sensor without the supplied adapter board.
//#define EZOUT_ENABLE

// EZABL Probe Mounts (Ender 3 uses the same mounts as CR-10)
#define CR10_OEM
#define CR10_VOLCANO
#define CR10_V6HEAVYDUTY
#define TM3DAERO
#define PETSFANG //This is the RIGHT mounted version - if using the left mount please use the CUSTOM_PROBE option.

// Ender Xtender Kit Options
//#define ENDER_XTENDER_400
//#define ENDER_XTENDER_400XL

It is hard to diagnose this over the Internet, but I think we are past the MAC OSX specific issues.


@Alan, from that file, the only thing I see that needs changing is the #define ENDER3. Just remove the # at the beginning of the line. And, of course, follow the instruction just before that line and select the Sanguino 1284p. Agreed?

@Ender5r I defer to you (I am no programmer)! At the beginning of the file, there is this guidance: “* Uncomment means removing the 2 // in front of #define.” Agreed on Selecting the Sanguino 1284p board (I missed that).


Ah. I see what you mean. You are probably right. The problem is that the characters used to comment a line out vary from language to language. If it says to remove the //, then that likely means the # is a special character used to indicate the start of a new section. I’ve seen that done before.

I’m quite sure I just took out the // and not the #. creality ender 3/pro is clearly un commented and I have selected sanguino 1248p from tools board. I have a query in to TH3D about the error message and gave them all my details. 'Crality does not name a type. I am awaiting their reply now. Thanks for all your help gentlemen.

I’m beginning to think the issue with compiling the firmware is that a line in the main program is trying to find something in U8glib.h, but can’t find it. This could be somewhat time consuming to locate, especially as I’ve never programmed Arduino before. I’ll give it a shot, but someone who works with Arduino all the time is likely to find it faster. In any case, I’m suspecting it thinks something is missing in U8glib.h.
@Alan, did you say you successfully compiled & installed the firmware using a Mac?

Wow, I just went through the MacOSX instructions located here: Compared to the Windows instructions, they are very complicated. Unzip this, copy these files to this folder (and, oh, BTW, be sure to create the folder first and only name it using lowercase), switch from this view to that, etc., etc.

I think I nearly have it if I could get a response from TH3D about the error message.

Unfortunately, I do not have a printer with a compatible board to test. :frowning:

I;m not sure what you mean. Or why.

I think I just figured it out, remember I’m old and slow on the uptake.