Just a timelapse of a stand for the echo dot 3 i made

[video=youtube_share;iCHhO5nmCP4]- YouTube

This is the stand as I’m using it.


If anyone wants to make there own here is the thingiverse link for it.

" Video unavailable. This video is private"

Ok sorry about that i set it as public so should be viewable now.

Also made one of these. Planning on making several more.


Here’s the thingiverse link if you want to make your own. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2363013

And here’s where i got the firmware to put on the D1 mini micro-controller GitHub - Aircoookie/WLED: Control WS2812B and many more types of digital RGB LEDs with an ESP8266 or ESP32 over WiFi!

And here’s a link where i got the D1 mini’s [URL=“Amazon.com”]Amazon.com…?ie=UTF8&psc=1

And here’s a link where i got the LED’s Amazon.com

Wow! I love it! Maybe i’ll build one…

Yea was thinking about putting them outside under the eve’s of the house as a sort of night time holiday light show. I have 5 dc power out there to my wyze cams so could run them from that. They can be controlled by an app on my phone or the browser on my computer, because they connect to your home wifi. Also could automate them with webcore a smartthings home automation programming system.