2nd useful print: simple, but hey, it works.

With the umbrella brackets out of the way, I moved on to a pet peeve of ours: the vacuum cleaner floor brush always interfering with putting the vacuum back into its closet. I designed and printed a couple of small hangers that will hold the brush out of the way, but still available when needed.

Here’s a photo of the closet as it was. If you look closely, you can see the floor brush tucked away at the rear of the closet.


Here, you can see the 2 hangers, mounted with 3M Command Strips on the back wall of the closet.


And here’s the floor brush resting comfortably in its new abode.


The hangers are not quite as simple as they look. They actually slide down on a ‘clip’ I designed & printed.

The recesses in the hangers are angled to match chamfers on the ends of both clips.

Nice. For some reason wall mounts and hooks to place house hold stuff is #1 in 3D printing :smiley:

I didn’t realize, but I guess it makes sense. I have a bunch of items to design and print. It certainly speeds up learning about 3D printing.

As an aside, Miele has started a project they call 3D4U. They have designed 10 “things” you can use for your vacuum cleaner or coffee maker, etc. and open-sourced them on ThingiVerse: [U]https://www.thingiverse.com/miele_3d4u/designs[/U]. I was reading up on the project at their website. At 1 point I read that they were open-sourcing things they had considered putting into production, but for which there just wasn’t enough market to justify. I think it’s pretty cool of them.

Yeah, I stumbled over that Miele stuff quite a while ago. I consider designing some tool heads for my vacuum, too. Mainly a small tube,so I can clean fine areas like the grooves in a 2020 beam without fiddling with the entire air pipe of the vacuum. My workspace AEG vamyr was purchased on a flea market it just came with the normal carpet stick thingy.

I’m thinking a really cool project would be to build a battery powered, rotating disk of bubble wands to go with the bubble blower attachment, so that it would just rotate and blow bubbles all on its own.

Yeah, my sisters kid had one from the action store (kind of cheap store like a dollar store). Thats a chain from the Nederlands selling here in Germany, too. They got a battery powered bubble machine and it was terrible. No clue what when wrong there.

In best scenario it was a micro bubble machine :smiley: So there is room for improvement.