Supported fonts in the "text" module

I’ve got an OpenSCAD model I’m working on that includes customizable inscription “engraving”. I want users to be able to choose from different fonts, but I realize that the default fonts I have installed on my system likely won’t match what you have installed on the web platform’s OpenSCAD “engine” (I’m not sure what to call it).

Can you provide a list of installed fonts? In OpenSCAD you can get to this list via the Help->Font list menu item.

Ideally, I’d like to have a lot of languages (including Korean, Urdu, Chinese, etc.), and a lot of styles as well.

Thanks in advance!

I just now ran across this post: More Fonts Added to Models which seems to answer most of my questions.

Is there good place to request the addition of other fonts?

Happy to add some in the short term, but in the next month or so when you upload a model you will be able to specify the fonts and modules you want available. For not just email me at and I can add any modules or fonts for you. It takes about 24 hours or so since in the current architecture it requires a backend rebuild.

@CoreyPDX PS. If you look a the log file for a model on the results page you will see a list all all currently available fonts on the bottom of the log.

Ah, great! I didn’t think to look at the log file.

For new fonts, I will just wait for the new architecture, because I think all of the fonts I’d want are part of the Google-developed ones. Until then any special fonts I need I can install locally.

As an aside, there are many reasons to dislike Google, but developing and releasing such a broad and beautiful set of fonts for free use was a wonderful thing they did.