Added Support for Checkboxes to Models @ MakeWithTech

Thanks to @CoreyPDX, some help identifying a bug with true/false customizer parameters.

While fixing this bug, I also added support for checkboxes to the customizer. Anytime a parameter is listed as a value=true, or value=false it will not be converted into a check box.

In addition, I added code to protect the platform by limiting uploaded images to 1MB, filenames to 40 characters and blocking the upload of files with __ (doubles bars) in the name as I use this formatting for internal processing.

Next, I will be adding download statistics available to creators for their models, and we have started work on restructuring the customizer backend to increase performance, support creator-identified library modules, and dynamically include any font found in Google library of fonts. Unfortunately, the customizer backend changes require significant new code; therefore, they are probably a month away.

Thanks to everyone for reporting any bugs you find or feature you would like to see.


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Wow! Fantastic! I tried out the checkboxes on my ant poison feeder model and they work perfectly.

The dynamic loading idea of font libraries is a great idea. At the same time, I requested a change to OpenSCAD to support a new customizer feature that will allow a user to select any of the installed fonts: Provide customizer support for installed fonts · Issue #4291 · openscad/openscad · GitHub

I may see if I can develop a patch to openscad to implement this idea.