Another New Release with Improving Customizer Formatting

I have updated the site with the following changes:

  • Enhanced the customizer display to utilize HTML select widgets for pick lists of items. This is consistent with the Thingiverse Customizer and also the OpenSCAD desktop tool.
  • Deployed the site as an initial test in preparation for the public release
  • Added release information to the home page. This is actually the build date and time prior to publishing to AWS.

Next, add support for customizer headers and additional parameter formatting to enhance usability.

I am considering leaving standard numeric fields inputs as text inputs instead of sliders. In the OpenSCAD forums, a new of people have mentioned the inability to enter fractional numbers with the sliders.

Thanks again for all of your help.

I like the dropdowns a lot! This makes the settings much easier to use.
For numeric fields, you could use <input type=“range”> with a text input next to it for overriding slider values with precision numbers.
The range controls could benefit from the min:max limits I see from time to time. Otherwise, you may have to adjust the min and max to adjust to user input.
The advantage of sliders would be that you could set up a lot of prints using just the mouse and never have to switch to the keyboard.
Including text boxes means there would be no disadvantage (to the user, just to you.)