Exciting New Online OpenSCAD Editor Features

New OpenSCAD Editor Features

We are thrilled to announce the launch of an enhancement to our brand-new online OpenSCAD editor environment. For the next 90 days, users can access three different build options – the ‘standard,’ ‘premium’ with 3x CPU power and memory, and ‘Nightly Build’ with cutting-edge features. After the 90-day trial, the ability to select your OpenSCAD environment will be limited to paid subscribers.

These three environments are also available from the customizer.

And there is more. If you have yet to try it, the editor can now display full 3d renders in addition to fast image previews. We have also tightened up the editor UI and will continue to push the limits of OpenSCAD online development.

Still more. Have you tried putting modules, fonts, or graphic files in a zip file and uploading them for use with your model template? In both the editor and shared model template environments, your templates fully support additional components in a zip file.

Want to try writing OpenSCAD scripts online. Head over to:



Where can I find this OpenSCAD thingummywotsit?

Head over to models.makewithtech.com. Click on the pencil in the top menu bar. This will open the editor.

Let’s say I post a model within the 90 day trial, and that model needs the OpenSCAD nightly build’s features. After the trial is over, is the model still usable?

And is the membership requirement on the model creator or on the user of the model?

Access to the Nightly Build features are required to render a model not to post it. So if you post a model that requires a Nightly Build only users with premium subscriptions will be able to render it online.

I wish I could provide this application with all features free but I need to way to offset the costs of hosting and developing the application.


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I think this is the best solution!