Model description and comments


I really like this site and the smooth integration with OPENSCAD. I was going to use this instead of thingiverse.

In October 2021, a database backup taken from the 3D model sharing service Thingiverse began extensively circulating within the hacking community .

That made me lose all confidence in thingiverse, plus the slowness and clunkiness which isn’t quite as bad now, but I was going to make this site my goto site for hosting my models but I could not find two things:

  1. Where can I describe my model details and printing subtleties?
  2. Where is a comment area for the models (this board is good but it isn’t tied to the model)?

Thanks in advance for any assistance here.

When you upload an Openscad file, and an image, there’s an area below to write a description. I always start with the template, but it’s not necessary to use the template.

If later you want to modify the description, you can just click the edit button on your model and change the description however you wish. Of course you can also upload new openscad files or images as well during the edit.

Thanks for that info. I will try it.

As other members have mentioned you can add a description to any model. The description is in “markdown” format so it can include very professional formatting including images referenced on another site like

Creators have the ability to select from a range of licenses.

Premium subscription creators have access to customized creator pages where they can add their own header, photo and text (also in markdown) describing their projects. All templates/models for a creator are automatically available on their creator page.

You do not have to be a premium subscribers to post model templates. All free registered users have access to this ability.

The customizer on the site has two extensive capabilities missing from the Thingiverse version. You can upload a file of modules, fonts, graphic files for use with your OpenSCAD script and you can prompt users to upload flat files you utilize in your model.

We are also doing extensive work on our web based OpenSCAD editor that is hosted on the site. Our goal is to make it much easier to create OpenSCAD scripts. Scripts created in the editor can but hosted in the cloud or saved locally.

User have the ability to both tip the creator and leave public comments on any model.