Nothing special; I’m just a sucker for print-in-place joints. This STL is from Thinkverse (3258092) and is printed at 180%. It took about 5 1/2 hours to complete.



Ah, so you’re the magpie of 3D printers: show you something new & shiny, and you’re hooked ?

i should have included something for scale. the print is about 8" across. So, new, shiny and big!

I’ve printed quite a few hinged animals. I like doing print in place stuff of mechanical things but they don’t always work. I am trying to find the ideal way to display lithophanes as in a lamp. Something for gifts to people that don’t do 3d printing. Sometimes they are impressed. I found one interesting lamp on thingeeverse but would like something with less assembly. I work on the keep it simple stupid principle.