My New Pet

Just picked up this little fellow this morning

I’m a big fan of flexi prints as they demonstrate the power of additive manufacturing. People are always amazed when you tell them these “animals” are print in place. Love the filament color.

The color is COEX Bone Brown, I want to do another one and see if I can add some color using the SV04.

Well done my friend. As you know, I’m not really into models of creatures, D&D, and the like, but I do still admire well done ones.

I’m pretty sure the great granddaughter will like it. She’s 3 1/2 and into dinosaurs right now. The only issue I have with it is there are only sockets for the the eyes. I’m going to measure the holes and see if I can find something at the craft store to glue on the sockets for eye balls.

Very impressive! Wish I could do things like that. Still try from time to time.

No way did I design it I’m far from being that good with CAD. I downloaded it from Prusa Printables, sliced it and threw it on the printer for 11 hours. It’s over a foot long

Did you curl it up to print it? It looks nice.

Yes it was curled so it would fit on the bed. The stl actually came curled

I need to look around for a little inspiration on what to print. I would like to find some high quality toys I could make for my grandson, but he is already buried in plastic toys.

How ls is the grandson and what’s he into? My great granddaughter like dinosaurs, she’s 3 1/2 a friend of mines granddaughter is 5 and still like dinosaurs too. It’s funny she says that she can’t believe that guy makes these.

Here ya go what boy doesn’t like cars? Printables

He’ll be 2 in September. They need a front end loader to pick up the toys at the end of the day in his house. I would like to make him something special but I don’t know what. I have time to look…I think.

A lithophane of him at this age might be nice. I realize he won’t really appreciate it at this stage, but I suspect his parents will. And, as he gets older, he likely will come to appreciate it more. Also, as crazy as it might sound, a lithophane of you might be a good idea. We’re not getting younger, my friend. It is unlikely you will see his 20th birthday. A self-lithophane might be 1 of the few memories he would have of you.

It will be interesting to see how much of his life I will witness. I never dreamed I would see my daughter’s child.

Christmas 2020 I made the great granddaughter a lithophane of the Frozen characters that fit on a nightlight.

I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d be a great grandpa so I know how you feel roon

The 14 year old grandson was here today for Mother’s Day and he say the Red Eye Croc and ask if I’d make him a yellow one. So I’ll be printing another one.

I was 43 when we had my daughter so I could easily be a great grandfather. My other grand child a boy is 16.

Great grandpa. Wow.

I’m not so sure what is great about it but after the life I have lived is quite amazing to still be kicking…or at least twitching.

Printed the grandson the yellow Red-eyed Crock that he wanted. Was never happy with the eye sockets being empty so I went to the craft store and got some 6mm beads to use for eyes. Easy peasy drop of glue in the hole and drop the bead in the hole.