A toy for my S-i-L's grand children

While my Sister In Law is visiting, I decided to make her a toy she can use to entice her grand children to visit her:

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Very nice!

Nice. Did you model it or is that a downloadable model?

If that doesn’t entice a kid I don’t know what will.

That is a creative idea, you have a winner!

Downloaded from thingiverse, although I would redesign it quite a bit if I were to print it again: [U]https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:217691[/U]

I think kids will love it. For sure with your talent you could do a lot of things including multicolour and multi-material. Maybe print their name on the side.

Love this print.

Every kid would like to see “Tommy’s moving and storage” on his toy truck. You know what I mean.

I guess I’m receiving notifications again.

If you’re interested in printing it yourself, I’d be willing to remix it:

  • redo the design so it would require zero infill
  • the tractor part would print on its side, so the 'window' hole, axel holes, and front bumper would not need supports
  • change the Kingpin arrangement so it's a hole that can either be threaded or glued. A short post would be made out of 2 pieces like the axel halves.
  • all the walls would be 3mm thick
  • the crayon silos would have internal bracing walls so they don't break
  • the axels and wheels would be modified so they lock together when sufficient force is applied
  • fillet all the edges to make it more kid friendly
Any interest anyone @Irv_Shapiro, or anyone?

I think I will do one for my one year old grandson. He can grow into it and it will be a comedy decoration. Soren’s Trucking would get some attention because it’s not a common name here. Personalizing things like that really appeals to some people.

I think my great granddaughter would love to have one. I like you ideas for a remix

give me a few days. It’s not a complicated design really, so it should go pretty easily.

I have the trailer remixed. I nixed the idea of zero fill. Instead I’m going with 3mm walls and 6% grid fill.

The tractor is remixed too. I considered several ideas for the king pin. Finally, I decided to create a hole in the back end of the tractor that can be printed without supports and with the tractor on its side on the printbed. To make the king pin as strong as possible I elected to cut it in half and print the flat sides on the printbed. In order to test this arrangement I created a test block, which is basically a section out of the back of the tractor. This way I can print the test block and the 2 halves of the king pin, assemble the king pin, and then check the fit and strength quickly.

Here’s a few photos of the result:

Here are the 2 pieces: test block on the left and king pin on the right. Looking at the back end of the king pin you can see 1 of the 2 mortices that lock into tenons inside the hole.

Look closely inside the hole and you can see 1 of the 2 tenons that lock the king pin in place.

The king pin just started into the test block hole.

King pin fully inserted into the test block.

I think the concept works well. Some adjustments are needed. The fit is too tight. I will shrink the 6 walls of the king pin by 0.1mm to start. I may also reduce the size of the tenons a bit.

The king pin is looking good. Seems your real close

I have increased the relief gap around the king pin assembly:

This is the top of the rear deck of the tractor. The gap around the diamond shape ‘plug’ is 0.24mm.

This is the king pin inside the rear deck of the tractor, showing the locking mechanism. It relies on the flexibility of the plastic to allow the king pin to be forced into hole. I know, it kind of looks like a WWII bomb, but it is what it is.

I envy you your design talents.

I credit the programmers and engineers that create, develop, and maintain the CAD program: in this case, Fusion 360.

So, king pin configuration now complete:

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I printed with 2 colors to emphasize the 2 parts of the assembly. It is a tight fit. The base of the post slides into the recess nicely, but it takes a couple of gentle taps with a hammer to drive the post all the way down. The result is very solid. I’m chalking it down as a win.