Spreadsheet Expandable box (with lid , other boxes or more)

I’m working on something I was dreaming for a long time.
I’m developping a box you can change and combine as you like.

I’ve got two questions. One about how to print text , the second one about using data for different drawings.
But let’s go back to the box.

I have a box, it’s based in the inner sizes. So I want to store something it calculates the thickness of the walls.
This boxes are made to combine. (still working on it to combine them next to each other, but that’s not for now)
(for example: you store screws but your box is getting to small for more screws of the same size. You can print a new box but you can expand it in my creation with another box (with or without the bottom of course)

The same for if you want to have a lid on it.

When I’m ready I only have to give the inner sizes and the rest wil be calculated automaticly.

This brings me to my two questions.

  1. I want to print the sizes in the box (easy for later when I want to print more boxes of that size) The text is written in cell A1 of the spreadsheet.
  2. I want to make a drawing of a lid (because I don’t print (read:need) them together) and use the data form the first box

How can I do that?